Global Zero is spearheading an audacious campaign against nuclear weapons and leading the resistance against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
We don’t believe security can be built on constant threats of mass destruction. We reject the narrative that insists we accept the enormous risks these weapons pose to our communities and our planet. We refuse to be complicit in the undemocratic, unjust and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the push of a button. And we will not stand idly by while world leaders pursue dangerous plans that make nuclear conflict all but inevitable.
This year, we’re ramping up our efforts online and in the streets to expand our reach, sound the alarm, and build the political power we need to put an end to this threat once and for all. We’re demanding anyone who is elected or running to represent us — from city council members, mayors, state legislators, members of Congress, and ultimately to the next president — take bold action against nuclear weapons and the morally bankrupt acceptance of violence and oppression that keeps them in place.
Culture shift of this scale takes all kinds of folks: organizers, policy wonks, social media mavens, graphic designers, spreadsheet junkies, writers and fundraisers — and then some. If you're an entrepreneurial, creative thinker who's looking to make a global impact, send us your resume and letter of interest to [email protected]
We can’t wait to hear from you!

Current Openings

Global Zero seeks a creative and tech-savvy Digital Organizer to immediately (like, yesterday) join its DC-based team, level-up our online game and help us achieve two small objectives: prevent the outbreak of nuclear war and rid the world of nuclear weapons. 
Global Zero is the international movement for a world without nuclear weapons. We don’t believe security can be built on threats of mass destruction. We reject the narrative that insists we accept the enormous risks these weapons pose to our communities and our planet. We refuse to be complicit in the unjust, undemocratic and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the push of a button. And we will not stand by while governments pursue dangerous plans that make nuclear conflict in our lifetime all but inevitable.
Team GZ dreams big and takes a holistic approach that encompasses cutting-edge diplomatic initiatives, public engagement and media outreach – and we put a premium on leveraging creative, accessible, compelling content every step of the way. 
This is an exciting opportunity for a passionate digital do-gooder to get your hands dirty in all aspects of online engagement and organizing. In this role, you’ll be tasked with raising the profiles and growing/engaging the audiences of several distinct initiatives, including Global Zero (the big idea / diplomatic initiatives), Beyond the Bomb (provocative grassroots activism), and the Nuclear Crisis Group (surviving this particularly $&#%@! moment in history). It will be your job to help reach and empower folks around the world to join up, amplify our message, take action and support our work. You’ll help with the day-to-day management of online platforms by crafting and curating content that educates and inspires. You’ll also work with the Digital Director to help hone our data-driven approach to online engagement.
In this role, you will be responsible for the following:
  • Writing, writing, writing: Write, edit, produce, and disseminate original digital content, including emails, website pages, and social media posts to engage and mobilize supporters to take action using content management systems and email programs, switching easily from activist to educational to motivational tones.
  • Content curation: Curate timely, steady stream of issue-related news, as well as photos and videos of anti-nuclear activism. Track social media trends and identify opportunities to boost the signal;
  • Website management: Manage all website properties across Global Zero’s many initiatives and ensure all content is up-to-the-minute.
  • Graphic design: Produce compelling and engaging visuals for social media, email and the web using Adobe Creative Suite (specifically inDesign and Photoshop).
  • Analytics: Track growth and efficacy across platforms and be able to create measurable benchmarks (e.g., Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights, Google Analytics). Draw and apply lessons learned from performance of online content and campaigns.
  • CMS: Act as administrator and key point of contact for CMS systems including (but not limited to) Wordpress, ActionNetwork, New/Mode, Phone2Action.
  • Are a self-starter, quick thinker and clear communicator who is socially conscious, organized, and able to juggle multiple competing priorities;
  • Know how to meet people where they’re at, engage new audiences, and reach them with a message that resonates;
  • Are a digital native who stays on top of emerging trends and platforms;
  • Can roll with the punches in a rapid-response environment and stay calm, steady and upbeat;
  • Have solid design chops and know how to leverage memes and GIFs for impact;
  • Are detail-oriented and affectionately described by your friends as “um, a little obsessive”;
  • Are an avid writer who can churn out polished content on short notice;
  • Respect deadlines, metrics and outcomes, but are also enthusiastic about experimenting and learning from mistakes; and
  • Able to meet the physical demands of the job, including occasional early meetings, late nights, lifting boxes up to 35 pounds;
  • Have a great sense of humor; and
  • Are willing to split a pizza with any topping (except ham and pineapple – gross).
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in the digital communications/organizing field, preferably with an emphasis on social media engagement and email advocacy; 
  • Proven track record of communicating complex issues in an accessible/conversational tone and mobilizing people to take action;
  • Portfolio of graphic design work that demonstrates visual expertise; and
  • Experience managing email lists and databases in a rapidly evolving digital world.
  • Fluency with WordPress and Action Network;
  • Global perspective / experience living abroad;
  • Witty GIF-master and meme-machine; and, finally
  • Can look in two directions at once, like a lizard.
  • Full-time exempt position in an exciting advocacy environment (i.e., this isn’t a 9-to-5 office gig and will have a lot of peaks and valleys) on an urgent global issue that’s exploding (get it? get it?) in terms of public and political debate;
  • $42k starting salary and legit benefits package, including 6 weeks paid leave, 12 weeks paid parental leave, fully-covered platinum health insurance, 10% retirement contributions (on top of salary), commuting expenses, phone/data plan, and other fringe benefits;
  • Earnest, talented, compassionate colleagues to dig in with and learn from;
  • Based out of our rad hipster WeWork office in Washington, DC; and
  • Free, endless, high-octane cold brew coffee. And sometimes candy.
Global Zero is a high-profile international organization with a small, nimble team that must consistently punch above its weight. That means every hire we make has to be outstanding. If that’s you, please send a cover letter, resume and design portfolio to [email protected] with your name and “Digital Organizer” in the subject line.
We're committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement for a world without nuclear weapons – and recognize that's impossible without first building a diverse and inclusive organization. We welcome applications from all, and especially encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ people to apply. We can't wait to hear from you!