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Video interview on nuclear weapons: "We lie to ourselves"

General James Cartwright was formerly commander of the American nuclear forces. Today he is engaged in the Global Zero Initiative for Nuclear Disarmament.

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Does Trump’s nuclear plan increase the chance of conflict?

The Trump administration's blueprint for America's arsenal continues the Obama administration's plans to rebuild all nuclear submarines, aircraft and missiles, but also calls for deploying new capabilities. Critics say the plan will spark a new arms race.

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Here's what might happen if North Korea launched a nuclear weapon

Tensions between North Korea and the US have escalated during Donald Trump's presidency, with threatening tweets and talk about the size of each country's nuclear "button." But what would happen if North Korea actually decided to follow through on its threat and launch a nuke?

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‘Doomsday Clock’ Swings To 2-Minute Countdown Due To Nuclear Threat

The apocalypse is now as close as it has ever been, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock, which on Thursday ticked 30 seconds closer to midnight ― the symbolic end of humanity.

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World closer to nuclear apocalypse as Doomsday Clock is moved to two minutes to midnight

The Doomsday Clock has been moved one step closer to midnight over fears that a nuclear war could erupt at any moment.

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